Saturday, January 26, 2013

Starting Out


We all love to hate them. Mostly because they are so much more complicated than we want to know about. And since we do not understand all the ins and outs of these oh-so-intrusive objects of our lives, we either a) pretend that there could ever be anything about them that we don't know or b) are too scared to click on anything for fear of contracting a virus from a third world country toilet seat or will start World War III with a detonation from our computer desk.

So what we need to do, is learn about our computer. But, you say, have you ever opened one? or tried to find your file on one? or read the news lately? There is way too much about computers that is way too complicated for anyone shy of Bill Gates and one of his many clones to understand about how a computer works, you say. 

Really? Do you know how your car works? Do you know how to remove an appendix? Do you understand the basic workings of your washing machine or oven? Does this prevent you from driving to the doctor? or cooking dinner in clean clothes? I didn't think so. 

Most computer issues happen when you are either too lax in your computer use or too strict. A big dose of common sense will let you use your computer to its fullest and allow you to avoid starting World War III (at least on your desktop!)

I am planning on dwelling mostly on how to keep your computer secure in this blog, but when I run across other tidbits that can keep your computer use happy, I will throw them in too. 

Please, let me know what you want to learn about.....

Keep the BugOff!